The Challenge

Running 19 karate and kickboxing schools around Perth is no easy task! And when it came time to amalgamate the schools under one unifying name and brand Clout was ready to kick it!
The new name needed to be unique, memorable and representative of their values. After much research, discussion and development, the name Emplify was invented.
Emplify stands for more than just providing karate and fitness kickboxing classes. The aim is to provide empowering experiences to people so that they may achieve and make positive change within themselves.

The Strategy

The renaming and rebranding was executed through a customised process, which involved a combination of customer research and stakeholder engagement to provide a holistic brand snapshot.

The steps included;

Step 1; Customer Research and Stakeholder engagement

Step 2; Name and Brand Strategy

Step 3; Brand Creative and Marketing Implementation Strategy

Step 4; Implementation


Understand current and desired brand positioning and explore the strategy, visual and content deliverables to help achieve objectives.


Brand refresh, styleguide and implementation across a variety of channels.


Integrate new brand elements across print, digital, design and social platforms.

The name is the culmination of Emplify’s core offerings and benefits:
• Empowering achievement
• Embracing change
• Amplifying, or magnifying, your potential
• Empathy towards others
• Being an example and inspiring others (exemplify)

The logo representation:
• The concept of ‘three’ is significant, particularly in karate, which can often represent mind, body and spirit
• Joining the three dots creates a triangle which is one of the strongest core shapes
• From a birds-eye perspective the logo looks like three people coming together as a community or engaging in combat