Building a new brand or refreshing an old one? We have the experience to support you through the branding process.

The Clout Marketing team have extensive experience with a range of branding and design work.



A brand can be much more than a ‘logo’. A strong brand should have a few key features. It should have a consistent style, be different from your competitors and most importantly – accurately represent what you’re offering. A brand should represent your company and encapsulate your positioning and competitive differentiation. Your marketing campaigns,  communications material and messages should have a consistent style and all work towards improving your brand equity and impact.

Our brand creation and implementation includes;


  • Branding and creative strategy 
  • Logo and positioning line creation
  • Style guide development; logo variations, colour palettes, fonts and styles
  • Design templates for marketing collateral (business cards, letterhead, presentation styles)
  • Campaign development



Print and production

  • Storyboards
  • Infographics
  • Flyers and brochures
  • Signage, posters, point of sale and car decals
  • Annual reports
  • Template designs (powerpoint etc) and marketing collateral (business cards, letterheads etc)
  • Signage and sales office fitouts
  • Press, brochure, flyer design
  • Outdoor media
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