Website Design

Clout Marketing have extensive experience with the design and build of responsive websites and emails that adapt to desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

A well designed website is nothing without properly understanding your customer’s digital journey and how they will interact and engage with your brand online to then successful make an enquiry with your business. Understanding this buyer journey, identify ‘exit’ points within your website help provide insight into the design, layout and content for the website to maximise engagement and conversion rates.

Our website process includes these 5 simple stages;

  1. Research: Understand the objectives of your website and who your target is
  2. Integrate: Determine how your website integrates within your broader marketing activity
  3. Design: Design wireframes and visual designs to maximise engagement and flow
  4. Develop: Build website and put it through rigorous testing
  5. Launch: Launch website and provide any training required. We can also set up all elements relating to accurate visitor insight, including; Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics (SEO), Google Search Console, Google AdwordsFacebook/LinkedIn pixel.


Clout Marketing can design and build customised email campaigns for your business. Clout can prepare your emails to cover a variety of topics including newsletter, sales promotions, announcements etc and client’s often have a preference to have their emails designed in a template, which allows them to manage ongoing email communication management. Programs that are most popular with clients include MailChimp and Campaign Monitor.

Email designs are responsive to ensure they work across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. It’s recommended that content within the emails are brief, engaging and include a clear call to action (i.e. what do you want your customer to do next). This is imperative because there is so much clutter in email inboxes, so your email needs to get attention and maintain interest (and minimise the chance of being unsubscribed). Clout Marketing can also help with A/B testing emails to ensure you are maximising your open rates and click rates to help deliver on your objectives, which could be website traffic, social page visits or a download.

Clout can also design, build and integrate your email campaigns into marketing automation programs to help improve the customer journey when multiple contact points are required to convert leads into sales. Marketing Automation is particularly important when you have a high involvement product that may involve customers taking time to consider their options, and comparing your company with competitors. Have a relevant and frequent stream of useful and engaging content (that is auomatically sent) can help improve conversion rates and minimise time spent manually managing email campaigns.