Give Write Volunteering

Last month Clout Marketing and six carefully selected recruits rolled our school shirt sleeves up to lend a helping hand to the team at Give Write.

Give Write take donations of new and pre-loved stationery and recycle, repackage and redistribute to kids in need so they have the tools to feel engaged and inspired to learn. Addressing poverty, sustainability and the assistance of teachers that are spending their own earnings to support children in need, Give Write have tailored programs for both schools and corporate teams that wish to donate their time.   

The cause jumped out at us when deciding where we would like to donate our time. Seeing the process from start to finish – bins filled to the brim of donated stationery are sorted, sterilised then neatly packed into primary or high school pencil cases – was a rewarding experience that made us reflect on something we all took for granted growing up.

If your workplace is looking for a cause to get behind or you know of a school that would love to help, reach out to Ben Healy from Give Write. This time of year is a very busy time for Give Write. They will be working hard over the Christmas period cleaning and sorting all the donations they receive once schools out. Clout looks forward to supporting Give Write on and on-going basis.

Visit Give Write to get involved