Cameras are tracking activity from an elevated tower position.

You might not have the time to spend days each month reviewing your marketing results, but there are some metrics that you should be checking on a regular basis. Benchmarking these metrics will help you make some top level decisions for your business when you’re ready to grow.

  • Organic Search Terms – What are people typing into Google before clicking to arrive on your website? This helps you understand the terminology your audience use and also where you might need to make changes to your web content.
  • Traffic Sources – What places are your website visitors coming from? Are there more people coming from emails or social media? Is there a certain time of year when your organic search works better? Why might this be?
  • Time On Site – How long are your website visitors spending looking at your website? This tells you whether they are finding what they want or not. If someone bounces off your site very quickly, then your organic search rankings could be damaged.
  • Average Conversion Time – How long does it take for you to convert an enquiry to a purchase on average? How many steps are involved? Do multiple staff need to be a part of this process? This will help you understand where you can increase your rate of conversion.

Metrics can help to understand the current status of your business and also to make decisions on where to focus your attention or budget.

If you’re not sure how to track the success of your marketing efforts, we’re happy to help.