A plate of cookies is next to a laptop and mouse

Why are third party cookies in the news – and do they come with chocolate chips?

When websites store information in your browser, these can then be used for other websites (or social media platforms) to show you ads based on what you’ve been looking at. Think of this concept as a digital trail of crumbs.

Google is effectively switching these off in 2024. This means the only data you’ll be able to use to understand your digital visitors is data generated on your own domain.

It’s a complex topic and many businesses aren’t aware of whether they’re using third party cookies or not. If you’re paying for advertising on Google or the Meta platform, you’re likely to be using third party cookies. Luckily we have time to interrogate the ways we are currently targeting our digital audiences and adjust strategies to use first and/or second party cookies before the 2024 deadline.

If your cookie knowledge is limited and you’re concerned, our team can discuss your digital targeting possibilities.