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Marketing automation touches most of your sales pipeline whether you planned it that way or not. From email confirmations to your CRM – automation helps us connect to our customers. What should you be thinking about this year when it comes to automation?

  • Source of data. Where is your data from? How many places within your business is it being stored and/or manipulated? Every time someone within your business touches that data, there is an opportunity for human error. Consider implementing more automation to connect your data to all the people who need to access it.
  • Data consolidation. Why log into 6 different platforms to obtain results when there are platforms available to consolidate this data into one place. Save yourself and your team some time and consider an aggregated data approach.
  • Automated segmentation. Building in some logic to your customer journeys will help make sure those who need extra touchpoints are getting them. Emails are a great example of this. Customers who convert after one email, don’t need another six explaining why they should buy.

If you think there might be ways you can save time and increase your success by automating elements of your marketing, we’d love to talk.